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Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser Liposuction

What Is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is a body shaping method used in the legs, hips, calf, ankles, and butt.

First-generation Vaser Liposuction devices, which were first used in the early 1990s, have completed their historical development process.

Today, the 3rdgeneration of Vaser Liposuction devices are being used. Vaser liposuction (Ultrasonic Liposuction) was approved by FDA (American Drug and Food Administration) in 2001.

Vaser means separating the fat cells from the fat compartments with the vibration created by the high-frequency sound waves (ultrasonic) and then removing the fat from the body with the help of thin cannulas. Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposuction is also known as "Vaser Lipo" "Ultrasonic Liposuction" or "Vaser Liposuction".

Vaser Liposuction in Turkey

The edema after Vaser Liposuction Surgery, which is tissue-respectful and works only on the fat, quickly disappears within a few days. Since it does not damage the veins, nerves, and lymph vessels, circulatory disorders are minimal. Body shaping is not an application that can be considered in one dimension.

While taking the excess fats in some regions, it is necessary to fill the deficiencies in some regions. For example, while shaping the abdominal area and creating a waistline, using the removed fats for shaping the butt area. It is a very important issue that the removed fat should be viable after the fat removal procedure. In this way, the removed fat grafts provide high permanence when injected into any body part for the purpose of butt augmentation, facial filling, or breast augmentation.

Vaser liposuction is a preferred fat removal method for the permanence of the removed fats and persistence in the injected area. Fat removal ensures very permanent results in the body. For this reason, Vaser liposuction is preferred for additional procedures such as butt augmentation, reducing laughing lines on the face, and filling cheekbones.

The risk of skin irregularities is very less in patients who have undergone Vaser Liposuction. Because there is no heat during the procedure, the risk of improper and shrinking healing tissue, which we call fibrosis, is reduced.

Since no heat emerges in Vaser liposuction, it gives the opportunity to work under the skin to the desired fineness and in detail (revealing muscle edges – creating six-packs) without the risk of burns. It is an extremely reliable method combined with abdominoplasty surgery. In the method called "Vaser Abdominoplasty"; the waist, abdomen, and even the back can be easily shaped with Vaser liposuction.

Vaser liposuction is preferred by patients with lipedema because it does not damage the vascular structures (artery, vein, lymph) and only works on the fats. Patients quickly return to their work and normal lives in the early period. It is a method that can be used safely to reveal body details (sixpack, athlete grooves) in male and female patients who regularly do sports.

Vaser Liposuction Cost 2023

Vaser liposuction costs may vary depending on the number of application areas. Please contact us for detailed information about the cost of Vaser liposuction surgery.

Those Who Have Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuctionspecifically shows its effect only on fat cells (liposelection). Vaser Liposuction does not cause any damage to the surrounding connective tissue, vessels, nerves, and lymph vessels. Vaser Liposuction is an extremely tissue-respectful method. During "Vaser Liposuction", no heat emerges and no burns occur inside the tissues. Since it is an application with maximum respect to the nervous and vascular structures, the pain is less. For these reasons, those who have Vaser Liposuction say that they can return to their social and business life in the early period.

On which areas that thevaser liposuction is applied?

Vaser Liposuction can be applied to all parts of the body. Abdomen, back, the region under the bra, waist (love handles),legs, hips, and jowl regions are most frequently intervened in women. In men, Vaser Lipo (ultrasonic liposuction) is applied on the abdomen, waist (love handles),back, jowl, and breast (gynecomastia) areas.

Who are suitable for vaser liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is an effective body shaping method in women and men when there are regional fat deposits that cannot be dissolved with sports and diet and when there is a disproportion between body parts. Fats in some body parts cannot be dissolved when by losing weight or doing regular sports. Love handles and abdominal areas in men, abdomen, waist, the area under bra, back, hips, legs, and inner knees are the areas which are difficult to burn fats. Upper abdomen, hips, waist, and back areas which cannot be slimmed despite all the efforts can be reshaped in a few hours with vaser liposuction and a proportional body can be achieved. In women, the jowl (under the chin) and arms are the frequently requestedbody partsfor Vaser Lipo (Ultrasonic Liposuction). Breasts (gynecomastia),as well as jowl (under the chin),are highly demanded in men. After a one-hour of procedure, male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) can be removed by liposuction without any scarring.

Abdominoplasty surgeries are performed in women for skin cracks and sagging in the abdomen after childbirth or after rapid weight changes. When abdominoplasty operations are performed together with VaserLipo, the body is reshaped and the cracked skin in the abdomen can be removed. In the same operation, the deformation in the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) is also repaired.

By Vaser Liposuction High Definition (Hi-Def) surgery, body lines become more prominent in men who do regular sports, have a fit appearance but want to have prominent muscle edges and borders (such as six-packs),and also for women who want to have a prominent waistline.

Vaser Liposuction (Ultrasonic Liposuction) is also preferred to preserve the removed fats and use them for augmentation purposes in breasts or butt, or for facial filling.

In patients with lipedema in their legs, the existing fat burden can be eliminated without damaging the lymph vessels and with minimal bleeding, and the legs can be shaped with Vaser liposuction. Patients can return to their business life and social life in the early period. You can contact us for the cost of Ankara Vaser Liposuction surgery.

What should be done before vaser liposuction?

Blood thinners should be stopped for at least 1 week before Vaser Liposuction. Green tea, vitamin E, Omega 3, and some vitamin derivatives should also be discontinued due to their blood-thinning effects. All foods and liquids taken orally should be discontinued at least 6 hours before the operation. We recommend our patients not to smoke and drink alcohol. Pre-operative routine blood tests (bleeding coagulation time, total biochemistry, blood count, hepatitis markers, etc.) are performed before the operation. If you have an additional disease (goiter, hypertension, etc.),examinations and consultations are also performed for these disorders before the operation. Please contact us for detailed information about the cost of Vaser liposuction (Ultrasonic liposuction) in Ankara.

What type of anesthesia is preferred in thevaser liposuction surgery?

General anesthesia is preferred in Vaser liposuction surgery since it works in more than one area (leg, abdomen, love handles, back, jowl, arm, etc.). Sedation and regional anesthesia may also be preferred if limited vaser liposuction is to be applied only in smaller areas such as breast or jowl.

How is vaser liposuction surgery performed?

Vaser liposuction is applied in a fully equipped operating room. Skin disinfection is performed before Vaser liposuction. A special solution (tumescent solution) containing local anesthetic and adrenaline is injected into the application areas and into the adipose tissues through half-centimeter of small incisions.

Afterward, fat cells inside the fat tissues are emulsified (liquidized) in small groups by high-frequency sound waves applied from the tips of very fine vaser probes. The liquidized fat emulsification is vacuumed by fine and non-traumatic special cannulas and taken out of the body. Body shaping is done carefully during Vaser liposuction. Problematic areas are shaped with asymmetrical and meticulous work, as if shaping a sculpture, in the operation site where vaser liposuction is performed. Muscle edges (six-packs) are made prominent. Since the extracted fats are not damages, the permanence rate is very high where they are injected.

The fats which are extracted by vaser liposuction can be used for breast augmentation, breast lift, and butt lift in women. They can be injected under chest muscles in order to achieve a more prominent and muscular chest appearance. Fats removed from the abdomen, back, or legs can be injected into the depressed areas in the face especially caused by aging or sudden weight changes. Thanks to Vaser liposuction, it is possible to get rid of excess fat and to have permanent fat filling on the face with these extracted fats. The fat tissue, which is rich in stem cells, is removed with vaser liposuction and then given to the face, laugh lines, and wrinkles to help create a younger appearance. Duration of Vaser liposuction surgery varies according to the width of the application area and the additional applications (fat injection, tummy tuck etc.). Please contact us for detailed information about the cost of Vaser liposuction in Ankara.

Vaser liposuction can be applied together with different aesthetic surgeries!

Yes, it can. As mentioned above, since the fat cells extracted by vaser liposuction are not damaged, its permanence rate is quite high when injected into the required areas (face, legs, butt). When performed together with breast augmentation (breast implant),the removed fats by vaser lipo can be used to improve the shape of breasts and create fullness in the décolleté area. It can also be used to provide a smooth transition between breast implants and breast tissue and give fullness to the required areas. Fats removed by vaser liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction) can also be used for breast lift in patients who do not want a breast implant but demand some extra fullness in their breasts.

Is there too much pain after ultrasonic liposuction surgery?

If Vaser Liposuction is performed in a limited application area (only jowl, knee, or breast-gynecomastia in men),it can be performed under sedation-local anesthesia. These patients can be discharged on the same day. However, if vaser liposuction is performed in multiple areas (whole abdomen, legs, arms, back),general anesthesia is preferred and patients stay at the hospital for one night.

Is it necessary to stay at the hospital after vaser liposuction surgery?

The reason for one-day hospitalization is to give the necessary fluid and electrolytes to the patient inside saline and keep the patient under supervision because the high volume of fats is removed during the surgery. The postoperative period is not so painful. Because the special tumescent solution injected into the fat tissue contains lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic. In this way, patients feel no pain until the night after vaser liposuction surgery. The pain on the following day is just like a muscle pain you feel after a heavy workout.

How long a corset is worn after Vaser liposuction surgery?

We recommend our patients to wear a corset for three weeks after vaser liposuction surgery in order to reduce postoperative edema and achieve the desired body shaping. Corsets are made of a special breathable fabric and suitable for comfortable use in summer and winter. You can take bath 1-2 days after vaser liposuction. Vaser liposuction corsets can be washed and re-used, and they can sometimes be taken off for a few hours. You are invited to follow-up examinations on the 1st, 4th, and 15th days after vaser liposuction. As dissolvable stitches are used on the millimetric incision lines, there will be no need for stitches removal after the surgery. Please contact us for detailed information about the cost of vaser liposuction in Ankara.

When can I return to my normal life after vaser liposuction?

It is possible to return to business life and social life in the very early period after vaser liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction) surgery, which is performed by using high-frequency sound waves, because only the fat tissue is affected from the surgery but the connective tissue, muscular and vascular structures are not damaged. Vaser liposuction causes less bleeding, less edema, and less bruising compared to other liposuction methods. A patient can usually return to their normal lives within 3-4 days. It may take 1-2 months for the entire edema to disappear. Massages help to quickly eliminate edema. Fat breakdown continues for weeks after Vaser lipo. Special diets are recommended after Vaser liposuction surgery to accelerate fat breakdown. These diets that need to be followed for a few weeks after Vaser liposuction will increase the success of the procedure.

Will I gain weight again after Vaser liposuction surgery?

The number of fat cells does not increase after the age of 14-16.Fattening takes place by the increase of these cells. The number of fat cells decreases in the body parts where Vaser Liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction) is performed. Since the number of fat cells decreases with Vaser liposuction, even if there is weight gain for any reason, it will always remain advantageous compared to the former situation. As the body reaches a certain weight after vaser lipo, there will be a proportional weight gain and loss after the operation. The proportional and fit appearance of the body will remain the same as long as it is paid attention to eating habits.

Vaser liposuction is an effective method in the treatment of gynecomastia!

Gynecomastia can be seen without any disease or due to hormonal reasons or weight gain. By “Vaser Liposuction”, it is possible to successfully treat gynecomastia which was previously treated with the methods causing postoperative scarring, such as the surgical removal of breast tissue. In the treatment of gynecomastia with Vaser liposuction, there is no scarringthanks to millimetric incisions. After gynecomastia surgery with Vaser liposuction, patients can go home on the same day and return to their normal lives the next day. We recommend wearing a corset for 1-2 weeks after gynecomastia surgery with Vaser liposuction. Vaser lipo corsets in the form of compression vests are easy and comfortable to wear.

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