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Hair Stem Cell

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Hair Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

Having healthy hair has always been important for an attractive appearance. It is a fact that people were used to complementing this beauty concept with extravagant, colorful, and shiny wigs for a while. For this reason, hair loss has become sensitive health and aesthetic problemfor everyone, both men and women. Hair loss is one of the most common aesthetic problems today.

The perception that hair loss is an untreatable condition has changed today with the increasing awareness of this issue. As of the moment when hair loss is noticed, everyone is in search of a treatment for this problem. Although our treatment option for people with hair loss problems is "hair transplantation", PRP and hair stem cell treatment are performed in order to strengthen existing hair and prevent hair loss in cases where hair loss continues.

Hair stem cell therapy is undoubtedly the most promising and advanced non-surgical treatment method for hair loss treatment until today. Stem cells are precursor cells found in the body that can develop into various cell types. Hair follicles also contain stem cells. However, hair stem cells may be damaged or become inactive in conditions that result in male or female pattern baldness. By injecting the fat-derived stem cells into the scalp, they can repair damaged hair follicles and effectively stimulate new hair growth. A revolutionary "hair stem cell therapy" has emerged in hair loss using stem cells that are derived from fats. The reason for using fat as a stem cell source is because it is the tissue with the highest amount of stem cells in the body. There are 1000 times more stem cells in fat tissue than in bone marrow.

For hair stem cell therapy, the stem cells are separated from the fats that are extracted from the body parts with the highest amount of fats (abdomen, hips, etc.) by a special method within 1-2 hours. Stem cells separated from fat are injected into the hairy and balding skin. Hair treatment with stem cells strengthens existing hair follicles, activates dormant hair follicles to enter the growth phase. Stem cell therapy for hair can stimulate hair growth by activating existing inactive and weak hair follicles.

"Stem cell therapy can be applied alone for hair loss or in combination with hair transplantation to achieve better results."

Hair loss treatment with stem cell injection

Stem cells are the cells that have not yet branched out but have the potential to transform into any other required cell (such as cartilage, bone, hair follicle). They can be considered as young cells that can divide, differentiate and shape into different tissues. Stem cells are also natural regeneration cells of the body. Stem cells injected into the hair search for damaged or diseased tissues and provide the repair and restoration of these tissues.

All hair follicles contain stem cells. However, hair follicles shrink and cannot stimulate new hair growthin case of hair loss or baldness, causing hair thinning and hair weakness.

By injecting the fat-derived stem cells, called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs),into the balding areas of the scalp, the existing dormant hair follicles can be activated. Although there are three main sources of stem cells in the body (blood, fat, and bone marrow),fat tissue (fat cells) is considered the richest source of stem cells. While stem cells themselves secrete powerful growth factors that promote hair growth, platelets and growth factors in PRP are also thought to trigger this regeneration process.

For this reason, a "combination of Hair Stem Cell treatment and PRP treatment leads to more successful results."

How is hair stem cell therapy performed with the fat-derived stem cells?

A sufficient amount of fats are removed by a mini liposuction procedure. Stem cells are separated from the abdominal fat by a special procedure. Fat tissue is considered as a stem cell-rich treatment in terms of hair loss treatment.

Stem cell therapy for hair can be combined with PRP treatment to increase hair follicle growth and hair density, as well as to achieve more successful results from hair transplantation. Is fat injection into the hair or injecting fat into the hair a popular treatment?

Yes, injecting fat into hair or fat injection into hair is a widely used procedure to increase the hair growth and density of hair follicles in the scalp. Fat injection to the hair (also known as a fat injection to the head) was being used to prevent hair loss.Similarly, fat injection to the hair can be used in the following years after hair transplantation in order to increase the success of the operation. Fat injection to the hair shows its effect by the stem cells inside the fat. However, it is now possible to inject the fat-derived stem cells into the scalp in a pure form, without the need for fat injection thanks to stem cell separation methods.

Who Can Undergo Stem Cell Hair Therapy?

Stem cell hair therapyis a suitable method for people with weak and thin hair who want to slow down hair loss by strengthening their hair and achieve healthier and stronger hair. By stem cell therapy for hair, it is aimed to support the hair follicles, slow down hair loss and improve the strength of existing weak hair.

Can Hair Stem Cell Therapy Be Done at Any Age?

Hair stem cell therapy can be done at any age. It can be applied when there is serious hair loss and the scalp needs to be supported.

Hair Stem Cell Therapy or Hair Transplantation?

Hair stem cell therapy is not an alternative treatment method to hair transplantation. It is not expected to achieve new hair growth by giving stem cells to a completely bald area. However, it can strengthen the hair follicles, which are extremely weak and thin, and can make the hair denser. Hair transplantation and hair stem cell therapy can be applied together in completely bald areas.

When Does the Effect of Stem Cell Therapy Appear on Hair?

The effect will become clear within weeks after the application. Its effects on the hair follicles in the scalp area will begin to appear in about 1 month.

How Long Hair Stem Cell Therapy Last?

It is a treatment that lasts approximately 1.5 hours in total including the fat removal from the appropriate part of the body, separation of stem cells from the extracted fats, and then injection of these stem cells into the scalp.

How Many Sessions of Hair Stem Cell Therapy Should Be Done?

Hair stem cell therapy is not a treatment that requires a few sessions like PRP. A single session of hair stem cell therapy is sufficient alone. If the patient requests another session after years, it can be done.

What Are The Benefits of Hair Stem Cell Therapy?

People who have had hair stem cell therapy usually say that they do not have as much hair loss as they had before and their weak hair looks stronger and fuller. Hair stem cell therapy shows its positive effects by increasing the repair and regeneration capacity of hair follicles. Stem cells undertake an intense repair and regeneration activity in the scalp, as in other areas where they are given. After hair stem cell therapy, hair loss is reduced and a fuller hair appearance is achieved first.

Cost of Hair Stem Cell Therapy

The cost of hair stem cell therapy can be best determined after an examination of the patient. Treatment methods and combined procedures may change the cost of hair stem cell therapy in Ankara. Please contact us for detailed information about the cost of hair stem cell therapy.

Can Hair Stem Cell Therapy Be Done in Women?

Just like in men, hair stem cell therapy can be done for women as well. At first, hormonal reasons are investigated. If there is no need for such a treatment, hair loss can be prevented and hair follicles can be strengthened with hair stem cell therapy in women.

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